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Rod Beacham    from:  Fidelity Building Inspections, LLC
  (2 Reviews)
Fidelity Building Inspections offers probably the best home inspection report I have ever seen. My r...
Keven W Swartz    from:  True North Inspections, LLC
  (9 Reviews)
We had our inspection a few weeks ago for the house we're currently buying with Keven Swartz at True ...
Dave Pioli    from:  Criterium Engineers
  (3 Reviews)
Earlier this year, we had our home inspected by Dave Pioli of Criterium Engineers. He was competent a...
Tim Pepperell    from:  Insite Inspection Services
  (32 Reviews)
Tim arrived on time at the inspection site. Before and after the inspection Tim was very accessible. ...
Jj Greive    from:  Home Inspections of Puget Sound
  (19 Reviews)
PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING HIRING THIS COMPANY:  I was looking forward to working with t...
Kristine Messick    from:  Crows Nest Home Inspections
  (16 Reviews)
When we first made the appointment, Kristine suggested we have a sewer inspection based almost entire...
Reis Pearson    from:  Inside Out Building Inspection Inc
  (16 Reviews)
We've used Reis from Inside Out Building Inspection for both our move-in Inspection and the 1 year fo...
Mike Veitenhans    from:  MV Home Inspection LLC
  (8 Reviews)
I hired Mike from MV Home Inspection after calling around and speaking with several different inspect...
Kelly Thompson    from:  Thompson Inspection Services
  (5 Reviews)
Kelly Thompson is worth every penny he asks you to pay him (and it is a lot of pennies :-).I bought a...
Lance Wong    from:  WA Home Inspection
  (4 Reviews)
Top Notch. He was available when I needed him. His fee was reasonable, and I think he did a great j...

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