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      Realtors normally are paid on commission instead of salary after home search is complete and transaction is closed. In most cases, the seller pays the commission to both the seller's agent and your agent -- usually around 5% of the sales price, to be split between the two agents (seller agent and buyer agent). This percentage isn't cast in stone, however. For example, the seller could negotiate the percentage down if the house is very expensive.paid.jpg
      Variations on the typical commission arrangement also exist. For example, some buyers prefer to hire an agent and pay the commission themselves, figuring it will make the agent more loyal to the buyer's interests, and provide grounds for a drop in the sales price. Less commonly, you may find an agent willing to perform limited tasks for an hourly fee rather than a full commission (in which case you'd also want to ask the seller to bring down the sales price accordingly). Discount and rebate brokers are also available with providing you limited services, or interactions via the Internet, at a commission as small as 1%.

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