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      When you start to buy a home or sell a home, you may hire a realtor. But after a while, you feel unhappy about his/her service and do not trust him/her any more. From time to time, you think you need fire him/her to get a better one to help you. The following could help you out:Fireagent.jpg
      If you are a buyer, you simply wants to terminate the relationship, you can talk with him/her first if you have not signed an exclusive contract, then you are done. That is the simplest case. But if you did sign an exclusive contract, want to request termination of the contract with the Realtor and the Realtor refuses, you can request termination to the Broker who the Realtor is working with. If the Broker refuses, you can request termination with the state association or consult with a real estate attorney for the first time (It is free in most cases for the first time consulting). But it is very common that most Realtors will allow termination of a contract for valid reasons.
      If you are a seller and your agent has listed your home for sale, most likely you do have a contract. You need sit down and read the contract carefully. Then discuss things with them like commission, list price and marketing strategies for selling your home. And, at the end of the meeting, it is very possible that you will sign a new contract which authorizes your realtor to represent you for a specified length of time. If this is not your case, contact with agent’s broker and request a cancellation. If the broker refuses, ask the broker to assign another agent to you. Most reputable brokers who want to maintain good community relations will cancel a listing if the seller insists. If there are no workable solutions, you need consult with a real estate attorney and tell your agent you intend to do that. Sometimes it is enough to get a release.

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