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      Your realtor often recommends a home inspector to you. It is preferable that you hire someone that you find on your own to do the inspection. The price of home sales determines the amount of your agent’s commission. Also sometimes your realtor wants the deal done with fewer bumps. All these could have a big impact on the inspector recommended by the realtor. A shady inspector might also have a feeling of obligation to an agent who sends them business as well; without even being asked to.
      homeinspection3.gifWhile it's unlikely that your agent is trying to gouge you for a bigger commission, to avoid any chance of conflict of interest coloring an inspector's results, it is recommended that you hire someone not connected to your realtor at all.
      Make sure that when you hire an inspector, they are actively looking for problems, not just giving you a surface glance inspection. To properly inspect a home, the inspector needs to move things around, climb up on the roof, and go into the attic and basement. If you're concerned about the quality of your inspection, make sure that you are there when the inspection is going on. It's actually valuable to you.
      When it comes right down to it, a good inspection from a reputable inspector can make a big difference to how much you pay for a home and even if you bid on it at all. Do yourself a favor and take the time to look for an inspector that comes with good references that aren't just from a realtor.

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