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      When you hire a home inspector, you may wonder the quality, thoroughness and completeness of inspection. With a good home inspector, you can get a much better view of your home. But how do you know he/she is good? The following are general signs of a good home inspector which can help you:homeinspection6.gif
  1. A good home inspector has a state license if applicable. Some states, but not all, have some sort of standards of practice, licensing or education requirement to inspect a home (Check My State). If you live in a state with a licensing requirement, request a copy of the state standards of practice from your inspector. The standards of practice vary from state to state. So it is also wise to obtain a copy your inspector's professional standards of practice. There are two professional standards: American Society of Home Inspectors or National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI). Obtaining these standards is very important for those of you who are purchasing a home in a non-licensed state with no standards.
  2. A good home inspector has many years' home inspection experience.
  3. A good home inspector has Carry Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O). The insurance is costly, but it helps protect the inspector and gives the client peace of mind that they are working with a professional.
  4. A good home inspector will spent more than two hours in home inspection. If yours is completed in two hours, this is a very, very bad sign. For small townhouses or condo's the data collection portion of the inspection may be shorter if you exclude the exterior or common areas, otherwise they may take just as long a whole house inspection. It may take approximately four hours to complete a home inspection and cost you about $350. 00. In return you will have the information you need to be confident in your home purchasing decision. After you move in, there should be very little surprise and both you and your home inspector can sleep soundly at night knowing you did the right thing by obtaining a professional home inspection.
  5. A good home inspector should be able to e-mail you a copy of a sample report. If it's three or four pages long, don't hire that person. While lengths of reports may vary, comprehensive reports average between 20 and 50 pages and contain color photographs highlighting defects or problems.
      Generally speaking, a good home inspector may cost you a little bit more. However comparing the purchase price of your home, it is only a tiny percent while you may get a bigger bargain when you negotiate the home price with seller.

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