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  After home inspection, you will get a list of problems. All these problems can be put into 2 categories: Serious and Non-Serious problems.
  The following is the list of serious problems as we think:
  1. Structural damage. The damage could be minor or big. Even if it is minor, but you should deal with the problem before it becomes more serious. Such damage is usually caused by water seepage into the foundation, floor joist, rafters or window and door headers. First you need to fix the problem (a leaky roof for example) then repair or replace any damaged area. The more extensive the damage, the more expensive it will be to repair.
  2. Roof leaks
  3. Unsafe heating system
  4. basement water problem
  5. Mold
  The following is the list of NON-serious problems as we think:
  1. Radon problems. It can be easily solved easily with radon mitigation system.
  2. Plumbing problems.
  3. Environmental hazard.
  4. Poor ventilation.
  5. Cracked or peeling paint, crumbling masonry, broken fixtures or shoddy wiring.
  Every buyer must realize there is no perfect house in the world. Based on how many serious and NON-serious problems you have, you can choose walk away or price negotiation. If you are going to make a price negotiation, the following info could be useful to you: In most cases, a seller will repair problems found or reduce the selling price accordingly. However, this is completely up to the discretion of the seller (although refusal to take one of the measures gives the buyer grounds to cancel the purchase offer). After the home inspection contingency has expired the buyer will no longer be able to renegotiate the price to resolve any problems revealed by the home inspection but not dealt with earlier.

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