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Lindsay Santini    from:  NE Moves Mortgage, LLC
  (1 Review)
When we purchased our home in Brookline, we contacted with several mortgage brokers. After making com...
Maria Tang    from:  Family One Mortgage LLC
  (1 Review)
She helped me with my first mortgage. She is a strait forward person and more important, she can get ...
Pei Wang    from:  Metro Boston Mortgage
  (1 Review)
My experience with him is great. He is a reliable mortgage broker and always speak straight forward. ...
Michael Barrett    from:  Merrimack Mortgage Company, Inc (Fall River MA Branch)
  (253 Reviews)
The most important part of the process for me was the fact that what Michael quoted in the beginning ...
David Lazowski    from:  Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Boston, MA
  (97 Reviews)
My experience with Fairway was pretty good. They were able to get me a good rate on a no-cost 20-yea...
Patrick Nolan    from:  Atlantic Pacific Mortgage Corp
  (83 Reviews)
Patrick was excellent. He is honest and straightforward, something that is rare in this industry. I...
Robert Oliveira    from:  First Eastern Mortgage
  (76 Reviews)
Robert was extremely responsive and was kind enough to spend additional time and effort researching a...
Timothy Sutherland    from:  SunTrust
  (59 Reviews)
Tim?s got game! It seems odd to wax rhapsodic about one?s mortgage banker, but Tim Sutherland and the...
Josh Motto    from:  Loan Republic Financial
  (48 Reviews)
Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this lender to friends. In actuality, Josh was fine, he was respo...
Jeffrey Fortune    from:  First New England Mortgage
  (42 Reviews)
Jeffrey was very prompt, extremely courteous right from the get go. His fees were very competitive. ...

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